I'm a Front-end Engineer at, Master degree candidate at PUC-Rio, Organizer of conferences: Front in BH, Front in Recife, PernambucoJS and RioJS.

Main skills

JavaScript, Performance, Community Engagement, HTML, CSS, Git, CSS Preprocessors, Cross Browser Development, SEO.

JavaScript User Groups & Conferences

Front in BH
In last edition, we had 400 people registered, so one of the biggest Frontend conferences on Brazil! It was a lot of fun and the program rocked.
In first edition, we had over 250 people registered, Rio.JS is the biggest JavaScript User Groups in Latin America!
In first edition, we had over 220 people registered, Pernambuco.JS is the second JavaScript User Groups in Brazil!
Front in Recife
The first edition, will be realized on next december!


  • I made some comments about Frameworks CSS. iMasters Magazine. January 2013.
  • Article about "For two years the Brazilian companies not demonstrated much interest in this frontend developers, when there was already a strong demand out of Brazil. That changed?". Wide Magazine. July 2012.


  • MSc student in Computer science at PUC-Rio.
  • Computer Engineer from the University of pernambuco.
  • Electronics technician from Federal Institute of Pernambuco.


  • Curator Front in Maceió
  • BrazilJS Weekly Publisher
  • Web technologies study group Lead at University of pernambuco.
  • Professor of Web Development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SEO).