Opinion about frameworks for front end development

Originally published in edition No. 5, iMasters Magazine, Year 2, on March 2013.

post revista imasters frameworks front end

In this fifth edition's iMasters Magazine, magazine's major brazilian portal about web development, I wrote an opinion about Frameworks for frontend Development.

" It's a fact that has emerged some interesting about frameworks for front end development, and also, comes the growth of frontend community involvement with the open source world, bringing an ecosystem much more collaborative. These Frameworks end up creating or helping to set standardizations code, with a good documentation centralized, and often, supporting web standards and good accessibility, but the developers must be think about impacts that he will bring the performance, learning curve for team and maintenance cost among the options market can highlight: Twitter Bootstrap, Skeleton, ZURB Foundation."

To read this complete article, visit the magazine (free online version): https://issuu.com/imasters/docs/revistaimasters5/30


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